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the hunter becomes the hunted

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Welcome aboard the Jolly Roger, my boy!

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Sebastian Stan | Colin O'Donoghue | David Giuntoli | Luke Newberry

Simon x Kieren relationship

9 years of SPN - 9 years of Sam and Dean

Sasha Roiz + funny pictures

Fangirl Challenge // Ten TV Shows [4/10] + Grimm (Pilot)

[Grimm] presents women who are strong, women who are smart, and women who are taking action. The women of Grimm kick ass. - Claire Coffee

8x02 vs. 8x10

all love ever does is break, and burn, and end

Simon x Kieren → relationship

- Sunday. You’re seeing your family and friends again. Kieren, mate, who are you looking forward to seeing?
- My little sister. Jem.

Get to know me: Favourite TV Shows [4/5]
    ↳ Grimm

Simon x Kieren → moments [3/3]
"And there’s something incredibly special about him. He’s everything the Prophet said the First Risen would be and so much more.”